Louise Paramor | featured in Art Collector magazine

November 2, 2016


Louise Paramor is featured in the current issue of Art Collector Magazine. Written by Jo Higgins, the artist’s profile explores Paramor’s career thus far and the accumulation of her practice leading to her series Boomtown, which will be presented by Karen Woodbury Fine Art from 24 November 2016. The profile includes discussions with Louise Paramor, Karen Woodbury, and Director of Geelong Art Gallery Jason Smith.


Art Collector’s profile on Paramor follows the recent commission of a series of public art pieces for Bowden Park, South Australia. The three sculptures titled Feeling Machines are large scale, steel realisaitons of Paramor’s whimsical, plastic assemblages.


Boomtown will feature 64 assemblages accompanied by two-dimensional constructed works on paperFollowing the example of previous works turned public sculpture, Paramor treats her assemblages out of found plastic as carefully considered maquettes, titling them Studies for a Boomtown. The large constructions on paper places these studies in an impressive architectural context, as if propositioning the works potential in a public space alongside innovative buildings of a not too distant future.


Issue 78 of Art Collector Magazine: October – December 2016 is available now at most newsagents.