Hossein Valamanesh | video work ‘Char Soo’ acquired by the AGWA

November 3, 2016


Hossein VALAMANESH, Char Soo, 2015, pre-production still, Photo Nassiem Valamanesh

Hossein Valamanesh’s immersive 4 channel video work Char Soo has been acquired for the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Western Australia.


Char Soo, the four-screen video projection of a bustling Iranian grand bazaar, is a collaborative work by Hossein Valamanesh and his son, film maker  Nasseim Valamanesh. The viewer is transported to the ‘Char Soo’, or central intersection of the market as we follow the daily rhythms of the crowds, the sights and sounds.


Char Soo has most recently been exhibited at Carriageworks, Sydney during the 2016 Sydney Film Festival and is currently on show at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at the University of Western Australia until 10 December 2016.