Titania Henderson | Lines

19.11.14 to 20.12.14


Seeing between the Lines


Embracing form and void, translucence and opacity, line and light, Titania Henderson’s sculptural practice is characterised by the pursuit of pure perception. Inspired by her experience of the changing natural world and her delight in the orders and rhythms of language, calligraphy and architecture, she continually challenges us to ‘see’ beyond our habitual blindness, to appreciate the interrelationship of all things. Thus espousing a level of abstraction that emphasises the entire visual experience, her work bears strong artistic affinities with Mondrian and the de Stilj movement, and more recently, echoes of German sculptor, Gertrude Goldschmidt (known as ‘Gego’) who emigrated to Venezuela in 1939.


Like Gego, Henderson here shares an abiding preoccupation with the strength and purpose of ‘line’, powerfully highlighting its (in)stability and independence irrespective of the space it inhabits. The stable elements entail the sculpture itself, while the unstable consist of the constantly shifting shadows and any slight movement in her design due to the fragility of the medium. However, where her previous, exclusively bone china configurations poignantly resonate with the vulnerability of life (‘The Other’), the present also incorporate bronze to explore strength and solidarity, and thereby encourage meditations upon community, culture and the landscape. Structures loosely resembling cones, circles, crescents, ellipses, folds and scrolls typically juxtapose an outer layer of smooth or corrugated bronze with a super-fine interior form of either black French limoges porcelain or stained bone china. Encapsulating the visible and invisible, the individual and universal, Lines thus invites contemplation of the ideas, memories and mysteries which unite humanity, nature and the divine. At once delicate and powerful, it is an elegant embodiment indeed of Mondrian’s aspiration for an art that would ‘realise the internal life as well as the external life.


Veronica Angelatos

Melbourne 2014