Stanislava Pinchuk | Surface To Air

02.09.15 to 03.10.15


Surface To Air is a mapping of the Ukrainian civil war across landscape topographies & sonic scores.  While a nod to the S.T.A missiles used in the conflict, the title also hints at the experience of war from a private perspective, coming up for air in resilience.


Surface topographies are mapped within the folds of large textile sheets, plotting the contour of the land, changing borders and conflict zones as they fall.  These works show the feeling of standing on fragile ground, how easily it can be pulled out from underneath.


The works reference a history of women mapping conflict in private, civilian perspectives through domestic textiles; from Afghan war rugs, to American civil war quilts, Ghanian Kanga fabrics & Amadzigh nomadic mapping patterns.


The mapped surface is contrasted with the Air works: gestural and angry drawing notations of the sound of civil war.  Rough marks record the reverberation of bombs, echoes of missiles and riots, resilient heartbeats – angry works which are immaculately hammered dot by dot, a meditation on anger and permanent effects of such an ephemeral part of conflict.