Spring 1883, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne

17 August – 21 August 2016


This year at Spring 1883, Karen Woodbury Gallery will be delivering a group presentation featuring the recent work of several contemporary artists.


From the bold shapes and colours in works by Louise Paramor, Marie Hagerty Alice Lang and Lionel Bawden, the intricate and provocative works of Stanislava Pinchuk and John Pule, to the darkly ambiguous work of Jane Burton and Simon Obarzanek; these artists featured at Spring 1883 consider materiality and form.


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Lionel Bawden’s hexagonal Staedtler pencil sculptures allude to the body and landscape that are anthropomorphic in form and rich in colour.


The macabre and mysterious imagery in Jane Burton’s work, reminiscent of film noir, emanate uncertainty, desire, potential danger and voyeurism in the unseen.


The sculptural and suggestive collages of Marie Hagerty reconstruct the biological form into curving, mechanical hybrids, seemingly arrested in space and time.


Titania’s Henderson’s work holds in delicate balance form and void, translucence and opacity, line and light: they are at once deliberate and accidental, a dialogue between life, nature, and artistic expression made tangible.


Alice Lang’s recent works curiously and comically unpack words and symbols synonymous with mass culture.


Simon Obarzanek’s explores the unease and tension at witnessing physical exertion through isolating his subjects with powerfully ambiguous and intimate atmospheres.


Louise Paramor employs bold colour and eclectic form in her ready-made sculptures to explore consumerism, globalisation and the transformative potential of discarded objects through assemblages, collages and paintings.


Stanislava Pinchuck’s work is a multitude of tensions: effortless and demanding, gentle and painful, subtle and stark. Her intricate constellations map connections, geography, topography, and personal record in sophisticated monochrome.


John Pule’s intricate paintings draw from traditional Niuean hiapo’s symbols and motifs, which have been provocatively and culturally re-contextualised into a Western art dialogue.


Highly contemporary and beautifully juxtaposed against the hotel suite’s Victorian style, Karen Woodbury Gallery’s presentation is an eclectic exploration of art from Australia and New Zealand.