Simon Obarzanek

03.03.10 to 27.03.10


Simon Obarzanek’s Untitled Movement No.2 (2010), is a continuation of his series Untitled Movement no.1 (2008). This new body of work expands on ideas about forces people face throughout their lives, in this case, metaphorically, through the documentation of physical intervention.


The work intends for the viewer to consider a variety of life forces such as relationships, illness, work, boredom, and their subsequent emotional and physical responses. The figures in Obarzanek’s photographs are suspended in full movement, buffeted, pushed, pulled and appearing to fall, as they consistently aspire to find a state of balance and equilibrium. Strained movements and weight against gravity as opposed to lighter, fluid movement, are the focus of these works.
The form of the figures within the work is of utmost importance for Obarzanek in articulating his message as he isolates the human form. Obarzanek has been described as a ‘modern anthropologist’, as he apprehends human positions into a single image, presenting the figures as purposeful isolated stills.


Untitled Movement no.2 comprises of ten photographs that are not digitally manipulated. He uses a precise camera angle in order to articulate a preconceived theatricality of human action. Through these movements, rather than a focus on the face, a universal language is discovered. Obarzanek’s work is a type of portraiture that is part performance and part documentary.