Rhys Lee | Scarecrow

08.06.11 to 02.07.11


In this new exhibition by Rhys Lee we are presented with new paintings alongside a range of collaborative works on paper and painted and glazed ceramic vessels and three-dimensional objects. There is a bohemian sense of the macabre found in the paint, clay and works on paper. An army of miniature ceramic skeletons are interspersed with sinister figures, unidentified creatures and a disembodied ceramic head.


Scarecrow looks at how we take inspiration from others as he actively collaborates with a range of artists that include: Rob McHaffie (Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney), Pia Murphy, Matt Hinkley (KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne), Daniel Price, Chris Pennings, Heidi Yardley (Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne) & Ben Yardley. The exhibition draws on his recent experiences in The Philippines and in costal Victoria. His paintings, depicting human and animal forms, show a continuation of a dark palette of purples and blues contrasted with pink and green pastels and a characteristic focus and motif of the eyes and face.



Matt Hinkley is represented by KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne.

Rob McHaffie is represented by Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.

Heidi Yardley is represented by Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne.