Nature Nurture | Lionel Bawden Locust Jones John Pule Joan Ross Monika Tichacek Jason Waterhouse

05.02.14 to 01.03.14

Lionel Bawden, Locust Jones, John Pule, Joan Ross, Monika Tichacek, Jason Waterhouse


Nature Nurture is a group exhibition which examines the complex physical and psychological interaction between the human and natural worlds. It brings together six visual artists who explore their experience of environment, whilst making more fundamental references to the human condition.


Working across a broad range of media, the exhibition includes sculpture by Lionel Bawden, who’s organic, shape shifting forms made of pencils explore the idea of metaphysical and sublime spaces of the mind and the landscape.


John Pule draws on his Niuean heritage to rewrite narratives of remembered histories and symbology. In this exhibition John presents a suite of recent lithographs and collage works on paper.


Monika Tichacek spent five years living and working in the Amazon basin alongside traditional ‘Shamans’ or spirit guides, originally to further her performative based practice. However what came from that experience is a meditative group of drawings, rich in content and beauty which resonate with themes of growth/rebirth/death.


Joan Ross’ recent digital print and video works combine visual elements from a variety of early colonial Australian paintings and contemporary life in order to re-conceptualise and problematise our relationship to both. The work confronts us with colonial references made strange through historical juxtaposition, in order that we may recognise the underlying and ongoing power relations of imperial occupation.


For over a decade sculptor Jason Waterhouse has been fascinated with our relationship with the urban environment and how we interact with the everyday objects integral to our lives.  The shift to organic material is a significant new chapter in his work, exploring environmental issues and man’s ongoing desire to control and shape the world we live in.


Locust Jones work delves into the issues of contemporary international politics and the mass media.  Jones work is largely influenced by his travels, last year he undertook residencies in Johannesburg, South Africa and Hill End, NSW, where he worked with a master ceramicist to make the recent collection of sculpture.