Michael Doolan | Cautionary Tales

28.09.11 to 22.10.11


Michael Doolan’s solo exhibition ‘Cautionary Tales’ features a selection of small-scale hand modeled ceramic sculptures that explore themes of childhood fantasy and fictional tales. Ten small still life groupings present narratives that highlight key elements in a range of cautionary tales. These groupings include animal figures such as: deer, horses, rabbits, raccoons, owls and squirrels juxtaposed with motifs such as a candle, castle and witches house, portraying different scenarios. The works have smooth matt finishes in a variety of vibrant colours. Each configuration conveys a moment where a cautionary tale unfolds. Doolan toys with the original ending of many childhood stories and fairytales by upsetting, changing and twisting their outcomes visually. In this way the tales are manipulated and degraded, producing unexpected and unforeseen endings.


Doolan’s works exist on the borders of the imaginary and the realistic, as proportion, fantasy and intricate detail via scientific investigation are explored, allowing for a tension between potential threat and the distance of the impossible. The exhibition will also include two large-scale freestanding works in a high gloss automotive finish.