Lionel Bawden | Dawn Chorus

9 March – 9 April 2016


Rhythmic pulses echo patterns of landscape in Lionel Bawden’s new series of sculptures. Dawn Chorus espouses the voids and ellipses of mountain pools and rock formations, each work cast as a different voice in a chorus of pulsating abstractions.


Dawn Chorus is a refinement of Bawden’s sustained exploration of landscape – his most essential point of reference. These works exploit Bawden’s long engagement with his core medium – the sculptural honeycomb of coloured pencils, with an innate logic continuously yielding rich possibilities for the artist. They speak directly of the meandering lines of traversing landscape, skirting the edge of waterholes, doubling back around and walking along both sides of a canyon.  Bawden synchronously transmits these terrains into visual sensations.


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These sculptural forms signify Bawden’s ongoing commitment to the minimal and essential, whilst simultaneously revelling in the complexity of geometric materials and the interminable possibilities of the earth’s contours. Impeccably crafted, Bawden’s sculptures mirror his creative process, attention to detail and devotion. “I create objects where the duration of engagement is carried in the physical object with some resonance or echo of the labour held within the work.”1


Lionel Bawden was born in Auburn, NSW in 1974 and currently lives and works in Northern NSW. Bawden has a Masters of Fine Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University (2015) and a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours (painting) from the Australian National University Institute of the Arts, Canberra School of Art, Canberra (1997).


Bawden has exhibited widely both within Australia and internationally. His work is held in major public and private collections including the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Newcastle Region Gallery, Newcastle, Artbank, and Macquarie Bank collection.


1. Quote by Lionel Bawden, December 2015