Jane Burton | White Stain

26.10.11 to 19.11.11


Jane Burton’s solo exhibition ‘White Stain’ deals with photographic images and ideas surrounding light, shadow, fragility, decay and the female form. The audience is presented with a series of images of anonymous naked female bodies that inhabit mysterious dark interiors. The singular female form is a central theme in Burton’s work. In ‘White Stain’ the figures appear, ‘isolated in light fall, at once revealed but also self-contained and protected.’

The contrast between light and shadow is accentuated by the spills of light, allowing the viewer to take on the role of voyeur. Dark and light voids are presented creating a dichotomy between the unknown and transparent, the pure and contaminated. In ‘White Stain’, white light represents ‘freedom, pain, release, blindness, ecstasy (and) obliteration.’ In one image a female figure sits wearing only nude high heels in a wicker chair. Illuminated in light her face is unseen, covered by her jet-black hair, her left leg is raised and bent, with her foot perched on the edge of the chair.

In the recesses of shadow it is ‘difficult to determine the psychological state of the figures, they do not reveal themselves mentally’, however, ‘their accentuated postures within the space suggest a consciousness or motivation at play, clues to a narrative beyond the frame.’

Burton’s new photographs present a contrast between smooth and hard textures as a vision of palpability is conveyed. The notion of a stain is examined in terms of the duration of time; of existence. Within this paradigm, Burton’s figures thus appear to serve as ‘evidence of the work of time…traces that linger, then fade and dissolve.’