Aida Tomescu | Eden

20.10.10 to 13.11.10


This exhibition will showcase Tomescu’s characteristic visual process indelibly presented in a series of powerful recent paintings and works on paper. The high energy, spontaneity, subtle nuances and internal rhythms within the work are the result of an active working integrated whole generated by Tomescu’s intense surfaces and rigorous critical appraisal of the overall image. Tomescu scrapes back and reworks the painted surface, revealing previous layers that become vital and active components of her painting. There is an involvement, an attunement to the rhythms and structures developed by the work itself. “It is not about making a work of art as such but rather about discovering possibilities that take on a life of their own, becoming honed to the precision of a unified whole that feels inevitable.” (Deborah Hart, Aida Tomescu: Paintings and Drawings, Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra, 2009)