Hossein Valamanesh – Biography

Hossein Valamanesh’s work is comprised of a myriad of elements to create enigmatic installations, sculptures and video works. With elemental substances, natural materials, and found objects, Valamanesh explores notions of an essential connection to place, the nature of being, and the ephemerality of existence.1


Described as deceptively simple, disturbingly beautiful, enigmatic, Valamanesh’s work continually references the idea of a non-existent homeland: a place at once nowhere and everywhere. With connotations of longing, belonging, community, voyage, and identity, Valamanesh’s work is highly influenced by the writings of Rumi and his encounters with the world.2


“I think my art is about not separating elements such as aesthetics, content and form from each other. The interconnectedness of these elements in the work is important,” states Valamanesh. This assessment reads clearly in the artist’s works, which display a mix of visual languages and signifiers that speak to relationships between nature and culture, and the space between places with refinement. Through oblique and discernable references to both his homelands, Valamanesh communicates with ardor what it is to live forever precariously balanced between two places.3


Hossein Valamanesh was born in Tehran, Iran in 1949 and currently lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia. Valamanesh completed his education at the School of Fine Art in Tehran (1970) and the South Australian School of Art, Adelaide (1977).


Valamanesh has participated in many solo and group exhibitions including: Char Soo, Adelaide Film Festival, Samstag Museum, Adelaide (2015); Hossein Valamanesh: Selected works 1992-2013, Grey Noise Gallery, Dubia, UAE (2013); and Australia, Royal Academy of the Arts, London, England (2013). Valamanesh’s work is held in many significant collections in Australia including the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne and the Nationally Gallery of Australia, Canberra.



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